Weekly Spelling Lists and Interactive Word Work

Students are given a set of word sort cards that they will work with all week.  Each night (Monday through Thursday) the students work with these words at home. Below is a set of text directions of what to do and video clips of what to do each night for homework.


Each week students practice discovering and working with spelling generalizations within words using word sort cards. Below is a detailed account of what each student is do each night for homework.

Spelling Practice Resources


Monday (Sort Words & Write In Notebook)

Monday night the students cut out their words and sort them according to generalizations.  Such as, words either have a long a sound or a short a sound. Many weeks there will be an oddball word or two that quite doesn't fit with the other words.
Once the words are sorted, it is a good idea for the student to look through the words they have sorted and say the words aloud to look and listen for any words that may mispositioned. The students should then write the words in their notebook just as they have sorted their word cards.
NOTE: Students may be slightly confused at home. Have them sort the words the best they can and Tuesday the words will be worked with me.  When the students arrive at home on Tuesday afternoon, they will have the words written under the proper headers in their notebook (they will erase and write in their notebook under their Monday homework).

Tuesday (Read and Find)

Tuesday night, at home, the students are expected to first sort the words again using the word cards
Next, the students are to utilize their 30 minutes of reading to find any words that follow the generalizations of their word sort cards. The students should write any additional words found in the their reading under the same column-divided list in the notebook and circle the new words to help differentiate them from the given listed words. NOTE: If student cannot find any additional words, the student can use a dictionary for words.

Wednesday (Use Words In Sentences)

Wednesday night the students are asked to use at least fifteen words from their words of the week in at least ten sentences inside their notebook. The words used from their words of the week should be underlined within the sentences. NOTE: Students can elect to use more than two words in sentences. Also, some students may choose to make fifteen sentences (one for each word).
See picture below for example of Wednesday night's homework.

Thursday  (Blind Sort & Practice Test)

Thursday night the students are asked to complete a blind sort with a family member or friend and a practice test.
A blind sort is where the headers are place before the learning student and someone else reads the words aloud and the students states under which header that word belongs under due to it following a certain generalization. For example, under the header CVCe the word cake would be placed because it is following the generalization that a vowel sound (a) is affected by the word ending with the letter e.
After the students completes a blind sort, the student should use that family member or friend to give them a practice spelling test. The family member reads the words and the student writes the word in their notebook.  The student and administrator of the spelling test should discuss any words misspelled.
(See the video below for demonstration)

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