Online Resources for Language Arts
More Websites Will Be Added Weekly As Concepts Are Introduced (So Check Back)

Below is a list of web-based resources for the different areas of Language Arts.  Feel free to use these websites during computer time or at home for additional practice. 

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Motivation to Read

Book Adventure
Book Adventure is a FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 7,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they've read, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes. Book Adventure was created by and is maintained by Sylvan Learning.

Kids Read
This website categorizes books and allows students to participate in contests, announces soon-to-be published books, game play, etc.

Free Rice
Students can play for rice for persons in need in other countries (a United Nations program).
Online Stop Watch to Track Time:

Comprehension & Fluency Practice

Students can listen to famous actors read aloud books to them (helps build fluency).

Variety of Texts for Students to Read:

Point of View Practice

Students answer questions based off short prompts.

Fact and Opinion Practice

A teacher-created website that allows students to interactively determine if a statement is a fact or an opinion.

A game where students are given 30 sentences and must determine whether it is a fact or an opinion.

Main Idea Practice

This website provides short passages where the student can then identify the main idea.

Drawing Conclusions Practice

This skill is built upon the skill set of inferring.

This practice give the student scenarios, in which, they must decide what happened or will happen.

Inferring (Making An Inference) Practice

Character's Thoughts, Feelings, and Actions Practice

This website gives small passages for students to practice anazlying and concluding a character's actions, feelings, and thoughts.

Summarizing Practice

This webpage provides a quick review lesson about what a summary is and how to summarize.

Cause and Effect,8256,1453913-,00.html

Students type in a effect for a cause and vice versa.

Students must match the cause cards  with the effect cards.

Timeline Text Practice


Consumer Text Practice

Poetry Practice

This website allows students to create poetry that are reluctant to do so (it is similar to "Mad Libs").

Wizards & Pigs Game
Poetry Games:

Figuarative Language


Declarative & Interrogative Sentences
(Week of August 9th)
A declarative sentence makes a statement. For example, "I like to read." I tell the students to think of the "Declaration of Independence" as a mnemonic device--the U.S. declared, or stated they were going to be independent from Great Britain.

Linking & Action Verbs
Verbs that show action (e.g. to jump) are action verbs.
Example:  Ted ran through the snow quickly to try to catch the rabbit.

The verbs that tell what the subject is or what the subject is like are linking verbs (e.g. was).
Example: Linda is friends with her her peers at school.

Subject-Verb Agreement
Singular Subject:
The subject and the verb in a sentence must agree. To make singular nouns or he, she, or it agree with most present tense verbs add -s (or -es if verb ends in ch or x).

Plural Subject:
If the subject is plural or I, you, we, or they, the present tense verb does not end in -s.

Synonyms & Antonyms

Students help the "Synonym Fairy" match synonyms.

Antonym Match

Prefix, Root Word, and Suffix Practice

Students think of the definition of each prefix and root word, and then they can check their answer.

Jellyfish Game
Students work a game as they manipulate vocabulary words by separating them into prefixes, root words, and suffixes parts.

Students create words based off the definition using pre- and post- prefixes.

Students make new words by dragging word parts onto base words

Words that have prefixes must be selected to complete a sentence.

Students choose the best word that completes a statement.

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