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Bubbling Paper

As part of the fourth grade curriculum, the students learned about how to read, interpret, and actually execute a craft.


Following Steps/

Pirate  Folktales

Pieced together 'treasure map'

The students read two folktales (legends) about pirate treasures.  After answering comprehension questions, the students were each given a piece to a treasure map. 



The 'treasure' the students were in search of based upon map pieces and clues.

Once the students collaboratively found the missing pieces to their map by communicating with their peers, the three groups with their puzzled pieced maps followed the given steps to find the general area where the pirate symbol was.  If a group found a pirate, they were rewarded handsomely.

Class Dictionary

The students were to use our review of the parts of speech and review of the dictionary parts and layout to develop a dictionary definition of themselves. This put into practice their knowledge of dictionaries and the parts of speech--specifically, noun, adjective, and verb.

Class Dictionary
Rotation 1

Noun: 1. a person who likes dogs 2. a person who plays a lot 3. a person who walks dogs
Adjective: 1. funny 2. fast 3. sassy
Verb: 1. to dance 2. to party 3. to play

Noun: 1. a person not the only child 2. have a brother 3. the daughter of Sharron and Steve
Adjective: to do something in a pretty way
Verb: to ride my bike

Noun: 1. a person who works at a baking store 2. the daughter of Micheal and Michelle 3. a person that is weird and mysterious
Adjective: smart
Verb: to play rock guitar

Cate (ca-te)
Noun: 1. A person 2. the doer of  3. a person that loves animals
Adjective: to do something smart
Verb: to  goof off

Cesar (ce-zer)
Noun: 1. a person who learns 2. person who makes people laugh 3. a person who teachers people to be funny
Adjective: to do something in a silly manner
Verb: to wrestle

Noun: 1. a person who likes to play ball. 2. the student of Mrs. Mann 3. a boy that is funny and active.
Adjective: very silly while playing
Verb: to jump and skip

Noun: 1. A person who likes books 2. son of Johnny and Sanya 3. A person who likes to learn
Adjective: A nice person
Verb: To dance

Noun: 1. a person who runs track 2. a person who likes riding her bike 3. person that likes painting her nails
Adjective: 1. to do something funny 2. to do something nice
Verb: 1. to dance 2. to shop 3. to eat

Noun: 1. a person who plays videogames 2. a active person 3. a person who likes dogs
Adjective: funny
Verb: to sleep

Noun: 1. a human 2. a person that likes sports and exercise 3. a comical person
Adjective: to do something in a bad way
Verb: to dance (I am going to Larry the dance)

Noun: 1. a person who is a student 2. the son of Brian and Angel 3. a person who is funny
Adjective: to do something in a good way
Verb: to play sports

Noun: 1. a person who teaches Reading 2. the son of Derrick 3. a person that is funny and smart
Adjective: to do something in a fancy manner
Verb: to play

Tyler (ty-ler)
Noun: 1. a person 2. son of David and Mechelle 3. funny, tough, strong, cool, handsome, spike haired
Adjective: to sport
Verb: to do taekwondo

Noun: 1. a person who helps friends. 2. the son of Carol and Eric. 3. a person who is nice
Adjective: comedy
Verb: to play

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